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A Guide To Vancouver Chinatown

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With its diverse history and vibrant street life, Chinatown in Vancouver is one of the city’s best neighbourhoods to come to for food, shopping and exploring the city. The area is a shopping haven with Chinese herbal shops, bakeries, jewelry stores and various clothing stores.

Located just East of downtown Vancouver it was one of the earliest residential and commercial neighbourhoods in the city. In the late 1800s, with more than ten thousand Chinese coming in to build the Canadian Pacific Railway, this part of the city officially became known as Chinatown. It is now both an important historic area as well as a bustling commercial district.  Vancouver’s Chinatown is nearly as large as San Francisco’s Chinatown and 3rd in population of the world’s Chinatowns after New York and San Francisco and is one of the largest in the Western hemisphere.

A Diversity of Attractions
Different tour options are available depending on whether you want to shop or just eat delicious Asian cuisine, or just do some sightseeing. There are some really neat Chinese markets near Gore Ave and Keefer Street such as the San Lee Grocery, Four Seas Herbal Products which carries many different types of Chinese candies and the Chinatown Supermarket which has many Chinese specialty items available for purchase.

With Hong Kong style cafes, tea shops, seafood and many Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants available, this is a very popular neighbourhood to dine in. Young Vancouver residents also come to the area for its nightlife as this is where the trendy Fortune Sound Club and The Keefer are located. And be sure to visit the Historical Alley, China Gate, the Chinatown Cultural Centre Museum, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden and the Wen Han Dynasty Bell to name a few. The Jimi Hendrix Shrine can be found in Vancouver’s Chinatown area.

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