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A Guide to Toronto Chinatown

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Toronto Chinatown is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this culturally diverse city. The original Chinatown begun in the late 1800s when hundreds of Chinese workers came over to work on the Canadian Railway system. By the early 1900s, the Chinese population of Toronto had grown to over one thousand and Chinatown soon became a fully established area full of hundreds of Chinese owned businesses. In the 1960s, to create Toronto’s new city hall building, Chinatown had to be relocated to the west where it remains day. There are tours that will take you through Toronto Chinatown if you want to get the best look of the area and hear all about its history.

As with any large city Chinatowns, visiting the local shops selling herbal remedies and other Chinese products which you can purchase at reasonable costs is always a treat. And of course, Toronto Chinatown is packed with fantastic restaurants serving up authentic Chinese and Vietnamese food. Bright Pearl Seafood, Bun Saigon Vietnamese, Kwangtung Dim Sum, New Ho King Restaurant and Goldstone Noodle restaurant are but a few of the many places you can go to eat delicious Asian cuisine.

Chinese Festivals
The Toronto Chinatown has two major festivals. One is a not for profit event put which draws in over one hundred thousand visitors over a weekend which pays tribute to Chinese heritage. There are stands and booths set up for this and everyone who shows up can walk away with something memorable.

Toronto’s Chinese New Year festival and celebration is a really popular one. This day is a very big day for Chinese people worldwide, and. it is no different in Toronto which has a large Chinese and Asian population. One of the most spectacular things to see is the parade which acknowledges the Chinese culture, heritage and beliefs. The parade is truly authentic with its display of bright coloUrs and showy costumes.

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