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A Guide to San Francisco Chinatown

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When visiting San Francisco, taking a tour of San Francisco’s Chinatown is always a real treat. While there are many Chinatowns throughout the world, San Francisco’s is the oldest in the US as well as the largest outside of Asia. San Francisco is a very popular tourist city and Chinatown is one of its top attractions. Take a walk through its narrow streets and check out the attractions and local ambience.

Chinatown’s gateway begins at the junction of Bush Street and Grand Avenue and you can get there by taking either Grant Avenue or Stockton Street. With San Francisco’s lack of parking and the exorbitant prices you might consider taking the BART system, although cable cars are also recommended. To get to Chinatown on the BART, you would take it to Powell Street and then you could ride on the Powell-Hyde or Powell-Mason Cable cars.

Chinatown San Francisco Attractions
Enjoy the food. Authentic Chinese restaurants are everywhere and the list is far too long to include here. Walking down the streets, you will smell the rich and delicious smell of roast duck inviting you in. It is well worth it to come during lunch or dinner if you enjoy Chinese cuisine. If you happen to be visiting San Francisco during Chinese New Year, you will have to see the Chinese New Year Parade which happens annually. There are three popular attractions you should consider visiting:

1. The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is located in San Francisco China Town at Ross Alley parallel to Grant Ave. This is a fun attraction to visit and get a picture in.

2. A popular place to visit in China Town is the Tin How temple which is located on Waverly Place. Admission to the temple is free though they accept donations.

3. The Bank of Canton building used to be the Chinese Telephone Exchange which was closed in 1949 when the phone systems changed over from switchboard systems to the rotary ones. In 1960, the Bank of Canton bought the building and restored it.

There are many old churches, buildings, alleys worth looking into. There are tours operating which can take you all over China Town so you can get the full view of it.

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