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A Guide To Los Angeles Chinatown

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The city of Los Angeles’s Chinatown, one of the three large Chinatowns in California, the other two being in San Francisco and Oakland. It was built in 1938, after the previous LA Chinatown was destroyed to make room for the city’s major train depot. Oddly enough, the area that makes up LA’s Chinatown used to be Los Angeles’ Little Italy. You can still find San Antonio Winery and some other Italian establishments, but the Chinese theme and attractions are now certainly very much alive in the area.

Chinatown Los Angeles is located in downtown Los Angeles off the 110 Freeway near where it intersects with the I5. It is just north of the heart of downtown and very close to Dodger Stadium. LA’s metro system (the Gold Line train) is a fast way to get to Chinatown. It connects with other subway, bus and Metrolink lines at Los Angeles’ Union Station. The stop for Chinatown is right in the very heart of the neighborhood making it the best way to get there.

While the Los Angeles Chinatown may not be as much of a tourist attraction as other large Chinatowns. such as those in San Francisco or New York, it still has great charm and is worth a visit when exploring Los Angeles. It is almost always packed with tourists and locals who are there for the food and to visit Chinese merchants and shops. There are Chinese style buildings and things to see including Chinatown’s Central Plaza on Hill Street which was built in 1938 and which is a Cultural Historic monument.

Chinese Cuisine
Chinese cuisine is plentiful with great places to eat such as Yang Chow restaurant, which is known for its “slippery shrimp”, Ocean Seafood which is very well known in Los Angeles and the Lucky Deli. Interestingly enough, two of Chinatown’s most popular and famous restaurants (Philippe’s and Little Joe’s Italian American Restaurant) are not Chinese.

One of the most common reasons why tourists visit the Los Angeles Chinatown is because of all of the Hollywood movies which have been shot here over the years. From the actual movie Chinatown with Jack Nicholson and Lethal Weapon 4 to more recent movies like Rush Hour, Freak Friday and Balls of Fury; many Hollywood movies and TV shows have been filmed in Chinatown LA with its Asian setting.

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