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Chicago Chinatown

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The Chinatown in Chicago is a traditional urban Chinatown occupying the area along Wentworth Avenue at Cermak Road south of downtown. This area has historically been dominated by commerce, though in recent years, residential developments have greatly increased the number of people living in the area. With restaurants, markets, shops, associations, and community services, as well as a number of services that cater to people interested in Chinese culture, Chicago Chinatown particularly attracts Chinese emigres hailing from China.

The Chinatown mural depicts the history of Chinese immigrants in the U.S as well as Chinese philosophies and social hierarchy. The Buddhist Temple on Wentworth houses a variety of statues including the 1000 arm Guan Yin Bodhisattiva. The annual Chinese New Year and Chinese Double Ten Day Parade are held in Chinatown.

Argyle Street – New Chinatown
Chicagoans also refer to a Southeast Asian community on Argyle Street in the north side as the “New Chinatown”, or alternatively, as “Little Chinatown”. But at this point, this “new” chinatown still pales in size and scope to the more traditional chinatown. This area is actually inhabited by the minority ethnic Chinese who were born in Vietnam and Cambodia.

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