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Lima Chinatown

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Southeast of the Plaza de Armas in Lima, near the Central Market on Calle Capon, is the main Peruvian Chinatown called the Barrio Chino. It is easily recognizable by the Chinese Arch over the entrance and is one of the two earliest Chinatowns in the Western Hemisphere, along with that of Havana, and has much architecture in traditional Chinese style. Immigrants from China began to arrive in Peru in the mid-19th century, working in agriculture and later on the railroads. Their descendants form the largest Chinese community in South America of first-generation Chinese. Chinese people born in Peru are known as Tu-San.

Dining and Shopping
Local Chinese restaurants, called in Peruvian Spanish chifas, serve Chinese food with significant Peruvian influence. For visitors sightseeing in central Lima, this is a great area to stop for a meal.  In addition to good food there are a number of shops selling Asian goods. It is a great place to stroll around, catch a bite to eat, and get a feel for Lima’s Chinese culture. Chifa restaurants feature large menus with Asian-Peruvian fusion food. The word “chifa” originates from two Chinese restaurants “chi” and “faan” which mean “eat rice.”

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