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Manchester Chinatown

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Manchester Chinatown, an ethnic enclave to the east of the city centre, is second largest Chinatown in the United Kingdom and the third largest in Europe. It has an archway on Faulkner street. Besides many Chinese Restaurants, you’ll find Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean and other Pan-Asian dining options, specialty shops, bakeries and supermarkets. The first settlers to arrive in the city came in the early 20th century, but there was not a significant Chinese population until after World War II, when the government passed the British Nationality Act. This allowed easier access into the country by Hong Kong residents who decided to migrate after their homes were being resumed for the urban sprawl.

A Dynamic Chinese Quarter
The area’s beginnings are rooted in the restaurant business, as many Chinese restaurants surfaced soon after the immigration boom. By the 1970s other Chinese businesses began to emerge, such as medicine shops, Chinese supermarkets, as well as financial and legal services, all serving the employees of the expanding number of Chinese restaurants in the area. There was even a Hong Kong government office and a branch of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation during the 1970s. In 1989 the Chinese Arts Centre opened in Chinatown.

you’ll find everything from buffet restaurants to fine-dining Cantonese restaurants and even Chinese cookery classes. There are many large Chinese supermarkets selling imported ingredients and drinks from all parts of Asia. There is an authentic feel to Manchester Chinatown and if you are around for Chinese New Year the district really buzzes with fireworks displays and the traditional lion dances.

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