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A Guide To London Chinatown

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London Chinatown has a rich history dating back to at least the 17th Century. It was previously located in the Limehouse area in the eastern part of London. It is now located off Shaftsburry Avenue and began to really get established in the 1970s. The nearest  Underground stations in the area are the Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus lines.

If you are looking to visit Chinatown in London it can be found centrally located in the West End, along and around Gerrard Street just off Leicester Square. It reaches over into Wardour Street at one end and to Newport Place at the other side. London’s Chinatown may not be nearly the size of those in San Francisco, New York or Vancouver, but it is still a really great place to dine out in the evening, with authentic Chinese and other Asian cuisine in abundance.

If you are visiting during Chinese New Year, the area is especially alive with residents out celebrating in full with food, costumes and a parade. Every year on September the 2nd, all the restaurants in the area shut at night to commemorate the death of Liao Dynasty emperor Y?l? Xián, who was believed to have died on this date.

Dining and Shopping
Enter through the huge red gateway into the area, that signals Chinatowns worldwide, and you can smell the delicious roast duck as you travel the streets from the Chinese restaurants, but the London Chinatown has a more posh atmosphere and is more orderly, upscale and cleaner than many others.

With nearly eighty restaurants in the area, London’s Chinatown is famous throughout the city and even beyond for its food options. You can eat delicious cuisine from all over Asia including, but not limited to Cantonese, Szechuan, Malaysian, Mongolian, Thai and Vietnamese. If you enjoy Chinese food and want to try cooking yourself, Chinatown has Chinese supermarkets which carry all of the imported Chinese food products.

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