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A Guide to Yokohama Chinatown

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Yokohama Chinatown, the largest Chinatown in Asia, was established after the sea port opened in Yokohama in1859. In 1923 the district suffered the effects of he great Kanto Earthquake which devastated the region and many people chose to move back to China rather than attempting to rebuild. Just 14 years later, the war between China […]

A Guide To Chinatown Tokyo

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Japan’s major Chinatown is located in Yokohama, and the area designated Tokyo Chinatown doesn’t have a large gateway like typical Chinatowns. And it is not like other Chinatowns around the world which boast Chinese food, cheap clothing and inexpensive goods selling from colourful shops, rather, it is home to stores run by Chinese immigrants who […]

A Guide To Singapore Chinatown

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With its gleaming high rise buildings, Singapore is one of the most modern cities in Asia. The tiny nation state, with its mixed population including Chinese (77%), Malay (14%) and Indian (7%) is a case study in multiculturalism.   Everyone here lives and works together in harmony.  Only in Singapore can one see a Buddhist temple, […]

Saigon Chinatown

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Ethnic Chinese have been moving to Vietnam for centuries. During the transition of power from Ming Dynasty to Qing Dynasty in China, many anti-Qing elements fled persecution by emigrating to Vietnam. To avoid angering the Qing government, the Vietnam government sent these people south to the scarcely populated part of the country. They pioneered the […]

A Guide to Penang Chinatown

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Penang Chinatown, on the island of Penang in Malaysia, stretches from Weld Quay to the streets of Stewart, Campbell, and King. Here you’ll find plenty of wonderful architecture, including clan houses, shop houses, and temples, that were built by the Chinese settlers who came to the country as far back as the eighteenth century. Today, […]

A Guide To Manila Chinatown

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The Chinatown in Manila, which Filipinos call Binondo, and local Chinese refer as Chai Lai, is located just across the Pasig River opposite the Spanish walled city called Intramuros. This area originally was only for Catholic Chinese, however, non-Christian Chinese were later settled in Chinatown. While Manila and Philippines as a whole are closely associated […]

Kuala Lumpur Chinatown

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Although not quite as famous as Petronas Tower, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is the covered, traffic-free, pedestrian-only Petaling Street, better known as Kuala Lumpur Chinatown. Once home to a tapioca mill run by Yap Ah Loy, the street is also fondly called Chee Cheong Kai in Cantonese which means starch factory street. By […]

A Guide To Bangkok Chinatown

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Bangkok’s Chinese community predates the founding of the city itself. The land where the grand palace is today was originally a community of Chinese traders and when King Rama I made the decision to establish the capital on the site of the village of Bangkok, he asked the Chinese traders to move. They ended up […]