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Saigon Chinatown

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Ethnic Chinese have been moving to Vietnam for centuries. During the transition of power from Ming Dynasty to Qing Dynasty in China, many anti-Qing elements fled persecution by emigrating to Vietnam. To avoid angering the Qing government, the Vietnam government sent these people south to the scarcely populated part of the country. They pioneered the major city of Saigon, known today, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City’s Chinatown is the Cholon district which has been a stronghold for the Chinese-Vietnamese community since the late 1770s, when many Cantonese and Teochew Chinese arrived during French colonial times, when the district housed exotic opium dens and brothels

The World’s Largest
Cholon, arguably the largest Chinatown in the world, is a huge district bordered by Hung Vuong to the north, Nguyen Van Cu to the east, the Ben Nghe Chanel to the south, and Nguyen Thi Nho to the west. The famous Binh Tay Market, on Phan Van Khoe Street, is packed with shops and stallholders selling fresh produce, goods of all descriptions, and plenty of food stalls and restaurants selling delicious cuisine. On Nguyen Trai, the district’s main artery, check out the Thien Hau pagoda. From the courtyard you can see the fantastic designs on the walls, showing stories of ancient duels between chiefs and warlords.

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